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Here we create stories that make reading irresistable. No matter the genre or subcategory our writing finds itself in, you can be sure it's high in good ole fashioned drama.

In the Drama Queen Universe, our characters and stories are fluid. That means many of our characters will be found in various books across the Drama Queen Universe whether or not they are the focus of that series. You can see your fave characters show up in many ways like feature spots on songs or crossovers from series to series.

I know you may be asking why... well because just like in real life, every character has their role to play.
That's why our recommended reading order for our books is below. You want to make sure you don't miss out? Read these books in the order they're intended and you'll stay on top of everything we have to offer.

Where can you find our books? Well the 'zon for now but we'll update you when we add on the other e-book retailers. We want to make sure you stay in the loop!

We write as a collective so all of our authors will be featured here on Drama Queen Story Studio. Our stories feed into other stories that we have planned here at the studio. 
Satin Room Series Books 1-4 
We write stories that make reading irresistible.
Satin #1
Brooklyn Gesher
Milk Chocolate #2
Brooklyn Gesher
Blow #3
Brooklyn Gesher
Purr #4
Brooklyn Gesher
The Drama Queens Series Books 1-7 
Men, Love & Power #1
Brooklyn Gesher & jaha Knight
Secrets, Lies & Heartbreak  #2
Brooklyn Gesher & jaha Knight
Fairytales, Rumors & Revenge #3
Brooklyn Gesher & jaha Knight
Confessions, Desires & Blame #4
Brooklyn Gesher & jaha Knight
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