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About Drama Queen Books
Here’s the most impressive part about the Drama Queen Universe — our characters float from book to book. That’s right, you can find some of these characters in other books in the other series’ in the Drama Queen Universe. So the fun and the fantastic doesn’t stop once you’re finished reading a series. You will get to know these characters and more as we power through the years.
What Made Me Think to Create Our Books this Way?
This is a common question. When I was younger and I loved a story I wanted to know more about the character, past the epilogue and sometimes past the series. Characters can feel like family.

I would sit for days wondering what else happened and how they were living their lives. Most of the time it was a stand alone novel and not a series. I’d be frustrated with the lack of continuation of the story. When I decided that we were going to write novels, I wanted to create a universe you could delve into, cuss out characters and laugh in triumph as some of them reached their goals. I want our characters to become family to you. So we decided to do something radical — create a universe that intersperses the characters from other series even if the series wasn’t about them. At least you get to keep up with them, right? Right!

We publish a book a month so you’ll have every chance to read each series straight through. Each series has a small short story that we know you’ll love to give you that extra bit of info about the characters in that world.

Happy Reading!
Cultivated Reading List (in Order)...
 Satin Room Erotica Series Books 1-4  with Bonus Book!
Cream Pie #1
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 1/15/18
Milk Chocolate #2
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 2/12/18
Blow #3
Brooklyn Gesher
Release  3/12/18 
Purr #4
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 4/9/18
Pop My Cherry #5
Brooklyn Gesher
Bonus Book (Best Read Before Black Love Tease)
Black Love Tease Romance Series Books 1-3 
Unchain My Heart #1
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 5/14/18
Second Time Around #2
Brooklyn Gesher
Release 6/11/18
Makes Me Feel Like Paradise #3
Brooklyn Gesher
Release  7/9/18 
The Tate Sisters Series Books 1-4 
The House of Zion #1
jaha Knight
Release 8/13/18
Seeds of Fertile Ground #2
jaha Knight
Release 9/10/18
Remember Your Ways #3
jaha Knight
Release  10/8/18 
 Under the Sky of Tom. #4
jaha Knight
Release  11/12/18 
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